A product suite designed to be simple, low cost, transparent and flexible.

An index, e.g. the Top40, is a financial calculation which cannot be directly invested in, whereas a ‘fund’ is a product that is investable. Index tracking funds try to match their index as closely as possible.

Our unit trusts and ETFs are collective investment schemes meaning that you own a participatory share of the overall portfolio. They are regulated by the FSB.
An Exchange Traded Fund is a fund that trades on the market itself, with your interest being a number of shares listed on a stock exchange and the price of each unit changes intraday. Purchases of ETFs can be made through your broker.
Participatory interest in a unit trust is via individual units that are priced on a daily basis and purchases can be made through your financial advisor, LISP or STANLIB directly.

Our simple index tracking funds each track a well-known index, allowing you to easily access a broad exposure to various equity and bond indices. These can be used as building blocks for you to use in your portfolio in a low cost, transparent manner. We also offer some ‘ready-made’ balanced funds if you would rather diversify across asset classes in one investment under The Blended Range.

Our smart beta index tracking funds allow you easy and transparent access to factors that capture market characteristics that enhance portfolio returns. Smart Beta Range are a valuable complement to portfolios and can be used as low cost building blocks to construct diversified multi-factor portfolios. Our Smart Beta Range are constructed sector neutral to the market index to reduce portfolio concentration and reduce sensitivity to macroeconomic risks.

Our blended funds use underlying index tracking products to offer low cost access to multi-asset portfolios which have been designed to meet your risk appetite.

We provide tailor-made index, smart beta and quantitative investment strategies executed as a segregated mandate for large institutions.