About Us

The STANLIB Index Investments team specialises in designing and managing index, smart beta and quantitative investment strategies. STANLIB has been managing money in similar strategies since 1995.

The Team

Brian Kipps
Managing Director

17 years of industry experience

Ryan Basdeo
Portfolio Manager

BCom(Taxation), Registered Security Trader & Registered Bond Trader; MBA (WITS)
12 years of industry experience

Wehmeyer Ferreira
Chief Operating Officer

BCom(Hons)(Financial Analysis), CFA
10 years of industry experience

Ann Sebastian Portfolio Manager

BSc(Hons)(Advanced Mathematics of Finance)
6 years of industry experience

Ntombenhle Radebe
Business Development Manager

BCom(Hons)(Business Finance), MBA
16 Years experience

Sizwe Mdakane
Quants Analyst

MPhil (Mathematical Finance)
1 year experience

Bokang Koela
Quants Analyst

MSc(Financial Mathematics)
2 year of industry experience

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy ensures that we make the right investment decisions for our clients and that we deliver on our investment promise to them. Below are our four guiding principles:


Financial markets can be complex. We manage the complexity and provide you with simple solutions that are easy to use.

Low cost

High asset management fees can significantly erode your wealth over time. We keep costs low and use the power of compound interest to grow your money.


Human emotions can get in the way of disciplined investing. We manage strategies that are rules-based and transparent with deep roots in sound academic research.


Different circumstances require different investment strategies. We provide you with the building blocks and tools to maximise the chances of achieving your investment goals.

Investment Process

Our investment process is simple – we aim to replicate each fund’s benchmark index as closely and efficiently as possible.

For most funds, we therefore follow full replication of the index, meaning that we buy each constituent of the index in the same weight as it is held in that index. For some funds with less liquid constituents we may use an optimisation process. This replicates the performance of the index using a representative sample of liquid securities, being careful to match the risk and return of the index as closely as possible.

The team rebalances the portfolios at pre-set intervals to ensure close alignment to the indices. Portfolios are also revised on an ongoing basis for corporate actions, adhoc index changes and client cash flows. Trades are executed as efficiently as possible and with minimal trading costs. Risk management is a key component and is monitored daily.